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The Wounds of Lady Julian

July 27, 2017


Crying for the wounds of Christ,

Our Lady Julian did cast her plea.

Across the expansive ocean blue,

In Norwich, England this place was she.


Three simple wounds is all that she begs,

Her eyes on others with remarkable grace.

Zeal unimagined unheard of we think,

Desire so strong Christ’s image to make.


Contrition is first a heart that is right,

Yearning for humility a life to consume.

Generously pliable for God is the stand,

Our blessed Redeemer in her to exude.


Next is compassion a cry from the soul,

Loving the brethren, a mile in their shoes.

Selflessly giving herself to their needs,

Others, yes, others, the least she can do.


Finally, the wound for God’s longing she wants,

Feeling His presence, raptured in His great love.

Earnestly desiring the truth of His Word,

Expecting the kingdom, a New Jerusalem above.


We look to her example the life she did lead,

A wonderful Christian this Lady Julian of old.

Uncommon dedication in this world that we see,

Transported away to spiritual heights untold.


Help me oh Lord to embrace what I’ve gleaned,

Casting away all my cares and concerns.

Give me a passion for wounds just described,

Contrition, compassion, and God’s longing to learn.   


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