The CLWI Advantage


About Us

Christian Leadership Worldview International (CLWI) offers high quality leadership training and development solutions at affordable prices. Our desire is to help grow leaders around the globe, one conversation at a time.

We impact organizations by improving employee morale, reducing turnover, increasing productivity, fostering collaboration and teamwork, as well as creating personal growth and self-improvement opportunities. In addition, CLWI takes a special interest in the development of young student leaders and athletes around the world.

Using a mission board non-profit organizational model, CLWI has the flexibility to offer customized leadership solutions through a menu of options, while being the low-cost industry provider. We are ready to serve the leadership needs of both employees and students alike. We are a Christian organization that uses Bible principles and concepts as the foundation for organizational development and key learning experiences.

Our focus is to point people to Jesus Christ, and we do it from a training and development venue. We believe that working through local churches is fundamental to who we are as an organization. As we help grow Christian leaders on the one hand, as well as evangelize and spread the gospel message on the other hand, we want to make sure that everyone is interacting with a local body of church believers as the Bible instructs us to do.