The CLWI Advantage


About Us

Christian Leadership Worldview International believes that the Bible is an all-encompassing document for the leadership issues of our day that can inspire us to think beyond our natural capabilities. We provide keynote addresses and motivational speeches for small to mid-sized organizations on various leadership topics. We hope to inspire and energize individual and team performance by looking through the lens of a Christian leadership worldview.

For those organizations that want a more personalized approach, we customize leadership topics in venues such as workshops, seminars, symposiums, and classroom related settings. Here, we are able to position leadership topics that provide a forum for maximum participation and feedback. We engage these topics in a less formal approach to stimulate Christian leadership discussion.

For those individuals who prefer more of a one-on-one approach to leadership training, we customize mentor and discipleship programs that are geared toward improving one's godly critical thinking skills and abilities. With the Bible as the leadership training backdrop, we believe that this approach and the corresponding leadership training materials provided, fulfills a New Testament discipleship model.

The CLWI organization believes that the above three approaches to Christian leadership training can be applied across a variety of verticals. For profit, nonprofit, ministerial, political, and educational institutions have all benefited from our approach to leadership training and exposition.