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The Christian Leader's Worldview: A Framework for Successful Leadership and Living (by Michael J. LaPierre)

May 07, 2016

As Christian leaders, our challenge is to plan, think, act, and lead in ways that glorify our risen Savior and to protect the legitimacy of our Christian testimonies and legacies. The Christian Leader’s Worldview provides Bible-based principles and practical guidance to help you to make an eternal impact through your life and leadership.


amazon_kindle_buy_button.jpgThe lens from which this book is written is purposefully varied to include leadership topics relating to business professionals, organizational behavior, team sports, popular culture, the family, and more. This book offers a leadership framework that is useful for personal growth, mentoring, and organizational performance. Paperback and hardcover versions of this book are available at the above link as well. 

Read this book as a next step toward viewing the world and those you lead through a Christ-centered perspective.  


Dr. Gail Everett, STRIDES Tutoring August 12, 2016 @ 3:34PM
I met Michael last Tuesday, after the SC Christian Chamber of Commerce. I do appreciate your kind comments about our ministry. Your ministry sounds like a blessing to many. I would love it if you could connect me with your daughter so we can talk about her future work with kids with disabilities. Have her call me, at 864.246.9898, and we can all meet for coffee.

Mike LaPierre June 30, 2016 @ 10:17AM
I will reach out to you! Thanks so much for sending a message and reaching out! I enjoyed our brief conversation!

Bill Parris June 28, 2016 @ 1:42PM
I met Michael at McDonald's in Pickens, SC on Tuesday. We spoke only for a moment about his new book, AND his Christian Leadership philosophy. I work for a local power company, but my calling is to serve people and discipleship for Christ at every opportunity, as such I am also a student of Christian at NGU.EDU and would like to know about opportunities with CLWI. My profile can be viewed on LinkedIn.

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