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Testimonials and Endorsements

February 23, 2017

Adirondack Baptist Church, Gloversville, NY

I want to thank the Christian Leadership Worldview Int'l ministry and Mike LaPierre for the leadership seminar they put on for our local Bible believing church here in Gloversville, New York. The Adirondack Baptist Church greatly benefited from the Christian leadership training materials. The particular emphasis on the workplace was especially relevant to our church members. The seminar reminded all of us of the tremendous responsibilities that we have living out our faith in the workplace. 

~Nate Petersen - Senior Pastor

Faith Baptist Church, Palmer, MA   

Mike's ministry of leadership training is extremely valuable for any pastor, ministry leader, or organizational head. His knowledge of leadership skills and qualifications, along with presentation were extremely valuable to me personally, as well as my church. I would highly recommend his ministry to you.

~Matt Ohman, Pastor

Calvary Baptist Church, Greer, South Carolina

“I benefitted immensely from Michael LaPierre’s leadership course over the summer of 2014.  I have been senior pastor of a local church for five years, and Michael’s leadership training equipped me and the men of our church with solid and creative principles which can be used in all areas of life.  Michael’s years of education and business experience were supplemented by his sincere desire to help others with this invaluable preparation.  I would highly recommend his course to anyone who is looking for high-quality leadership training material.”

~ Pastor John Turner

Bob Jones University, Greenville, South Carolina

Mike has an excellent presentation regarding leadership coaching. Building around his experience in both professional athletics and corporate America, he is able to weave compelling stories from a biblical perspective into practical applications. His passion for reaching the next generation of Christian leaders is evident and exciting.

~ Ryan Meers

Director Center For Leadership Development

Bob Jones University

Mike’s passion for leadership is compelling and contagious, and I am thankful for the opportunity many of our university students had to hear him speak about leadership coaching. His practical, relatable style of speaking allowed him to connect with his audience and communicate valuable content.

~ Matthew Weathers - Student Leadership Coordinator

Center For Leadership Development

Gospel Family Forum (

Our ministry the Gospel Family Forum was created to support , encourage and exhort Christian families in their walk with Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Mike's all day presentation on Christian leadership in the work place, did exactly that and more. Mike's life experience on the baseball field and in the corporate world along with his passion for Christian principles provides him with the ability to not only be instructive but to be encouraging as well as engaging. Since Mike was addressing a family audience of all ages he was flexible and creative enough to provide a theme for his presentation centered around a "lemonade stand".  I found his message to be very compelling and felt that his biblically supported leadership examples, applied to every aspect of life including fatherhood.

David Schmechel 

Residence Inn by Marriott

Michael LaPierre’s depth of organizational knowledge, and presentation of inclusive sales training themes of “The Value of You” was a tremendous success for the Greenville Chamber of Commerce Sales Roundtable!  Most importantly, attendees were able to go through in-depth sales skill sets including relationship building, value creation, obtaining commitment, post-sales environment, and getting the job done.  I would highly recommend Michael as a featured speaker, consultant, or trainer as his presentation guided me in my own pursuit of “building an unfailing will to win”!

Warm regards, 

~ Jeremy Bishop, Residence Inn Greenville Director of Sales

Furman University

​Mr. LaPierre,

Thank you very much for taking time out of your schedule throughout the past few months to sit down with us and help with our project. It has been an enjoyable learning experience. 

~ Best, William Shelley (Student)

Furman University

I am writing this letter in support of Michael LaPierre. Mike worked with my students and me throughout this semester. He sponsored and mentored a team of students to a successful completion of their project.

As an associate professor and director of an NGO, People’s Consultants, I understand how important individuals can be. His greatest contribution was the one-on-one mentoring he gave my team of students. He empowered them to take on projects that I assigned because he gave them the skills and confidence to achieve. He did this by allowing my students to shadow him in his work and by introducing them to community members with whom they could then develop relationships.

Mike is an excellent citizen. He looks to innovate through forging new ways of organizing people and ideas or making our current way of organizing people and ideas better. He is a natural entrepreneur, innovator, and leader. 

Best regards,

~ Bruce Clemens PhD PE 

(Associate Professor)

Furman University

Thank you for your help and guidance this semester.

Mr. LaPierre is not only a person who carries himself with a specific high standard, but he is a great leader. Acting as a mentor for my BUS 411 class, Mr. LaPierre was always willing offer tips for success, but his first goal was to allow me and my group to grow and mature. He continuously brought new insight to our meetings and was good at pointing out things that we were unaware of as college students. Mr. LaPierre truly wants to help people and follow his passions.

Again thank you for all your help!

~ Trent Johnson (Student)

Calvary Baptist Church

Thank you Mike, for your 12-week Leadership class at Calvary Baptist Church this past summer. The Lord used your teaching to help me through a transitional time of hiring at my business. We were able to apply principals, consistent with our faith, and borrow from your practical business experience to move forward with confidence while laying a foundation for the future of our business team. Thank you for making a difference for my family, my faith, and for those that work with me.  

~ Jim Clinton, Jim Clinton Violins, Taylors, SC

United Parcel Service (UPS)


Thank you for the link! It's going to be a challenge staying off of the site all day. Even at first glance, the topics of each event are really applicable and interesting.

Each week I asked God to affirm that I am in the right place, at the right time - ultimately that I listened to him and took the right job. These mentoring sessions for me have been just that. Never in a million years did I think I would be paired up with someone who stakes his life on the gospel. Being a light in the office is such a huge mountain for me because I have never had anyone show me how in a real and tangible way. My pastor told us once that usually, we are God's "plan A". It's crazy to think that he would want to use broken people, but that's exactly what he's done with you for me and I am truly grateful for your wisdom. I can't wait to dive into the website and certainly will provide you with any feedback that I have.

Thank you,

~ Sabrina Park (UPS)

Greenville Chamber of Commerce

The Greenville Chamber of Commerce is most appreciative of Mike LaPierre’s contribution to our Sales Roundtable event this past July.  Mike’s presentation, “Revenue Leadership/The Value of You” was incredibly relevant and received outstanding feedback from our attendees.  Mike’s speech included numerous memorable tips for continued growth and development.  He did a tremendous job and the Chamber appreciates his loyal support!

~ Tripp James – Small Business Programs Manager

Endorsements for Book – The Christian Leader’s Worldview

The Christian Leader’s Worldview is a helpful resource for anyone desiring to understand and embrace a biblical approach to leading and living. Throughout the thoughtful discussion and heart-warming poetry, author Michael LaPierre offers very practical insights for developing a Christian worldview, and encourages the reader to passionately lead with that foundation. Anyone leading a business, organization, church, or home will be helped and challenged by this easily-read volume. The book provides significant help for staff development and small-group discussion. 

~Dr. Ron AllenPastor, Bible Baptist Church Matthews, NC

“As an anthology of sorts, The Christian Leader’s Worldview addresses many of the contemporary issues we face individually as Christians and corporately as the church.  By pairing Scripture with insights that are both practical and proven, the author provides a perspective on leadership that is intently focused on honoring God and having a greater impact on the world around us.  Read the book and you’ll have a greater appreciation for the wisdom of Scripture and its application to your daily life.”

~Bruce Snyder

Principal & Senior Consultant

The Westover Group


“Michael LaPierre’s book ‘The Christian Leader’s Worldview’ is a must read for every Christian who is in a leadership position at work, home, school, or church. Michael’s principles of leadership are insightful and useful for self-analysis, as well as, teaching others about what it means to be a Christian leader. Michael’s use of Scripture, knowledge from other Christian authors, and contemporary examples helps the reader to understand the source of, and application of, his principles.”

~Bruce E. Winston, PhD

Professor of Business and Leadership

Regent University


“Mike LaPierre has clearly captured the depth and breadth of what it means to be a Christian leader. The personal testimonies and humorous anecdotes make this a must read for leaders in the 21st century. This book is a spot on framework for leadership and successful living. I can’t wait to share this with my friends, family, and colleagues.”

~Gail DePriest

Director of Executive Leadership & Corporate Relations

Clemson MBA 


“My co–worker Mike LaPierre certainly understands the value of faith, ethics, unselfishness and spiritual consciousness in an organizational setting, he lived those same principles throughout all my interactions with him. Everyone should be able to identify, meditate, internalize and act on, one or more of the leadership principles contained in this great read!”

~Myron Williams

Sales President


"Does the world really need another book on Leadership? Michael LaPierre's exhaustive scholarly yet practical work tips the scales to a compelling yes!  The Christian Leader's worldview is a comprehensive and admirable account of Biblical leadership with a fresh perspective. This book will serve as a definitive study of leadership for years to come." This work offers a portrait of Christian Leadership with profound relevance for our troubled times.”

~Gregory Blake, Chief Engagement Officer

PepWorks International


“It has been my opportunity and pleasure to meet with Mike LaPierre and become acquainted with him. His unwavering commitment to sharing the gospel message with the business community is palpable. Furthermore, there has likely never been a time in the history of America in which a Christian worldview needs to pervade every aspect of the believer's life more. Mike's book will articulate and transfer both of these key learning issues to the reader.”

~Rand Clark, MBA

Christian Businessman, Church Planter, and Teacher


"Whether leading a small staff or being an executive at a high level, I love Mike's approach to coaching. The Christian Leader's Worldview illustrates practical servant leadership and Christian principles that will make me a better leader and be able to guide my team forward."  

~Rick Slagle

 VP | Procurement, Marketing, and Business Development



"Mike LaPierre does an excellent job of taking the many leadership principles found in the Bible and applying them to leadership at all levels and in all walks of life. Mike’s passion for developing leaders through a Christian world-view is evident as he builds on the Scriptural foundation to give practical advice to any current and rising leaders. I encourage any leader who is serious about practicing a Biblical approach to read this book and to apply the principles found in it."

~Dr. Ryan Meers, Church Planter and Leadership Coach


 “Mike LaPierre has shared from the course of his life experiences how to lead, be it organizations, churches, families or children. The leadership perspectives Mike shares are solidly grounded in the Word of God. Reading this book makes one realize the gift from God to us – the Bible where it is all written. It was very encouraging to me as I read through the chapters while on a train in Italy from Rome to Ancona and back. I highly recommend taking time to read and pray to God to lead as one does.”

~G. Kumar Venayagamoorthy, PHD


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