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Please Pray for Cancer Patient!

February 28, 2018

What better way to use this website than to pray for a young women who has breast cancer! I stopped into my local bank several weeks ago expecting to transact some business and then be on my way. However, the Lord had something a little different in mind on this ocassion of divine appointment.

The teller who was handling my deposit noticed that the CLWI ministry is a Christian organization with international outreach. She commented, "that is just what we need." She then went on to describe how her daughter-in-law just found out that she has breast cancer. Her name is Ashley White and has a husband and two young children. She is just 27 years old. The teller thought it would be great if there were people around the world willing to pray for Ashley. 

I gladly took her information and thought about the opportunity to use this blog post to ask for prayer. I committed to the teller that I would do something to help. Since the inception of this website, we have had people from over 50 countries read the posted articles. 

Will you pray for Ashley and her family right now? Please pray that she would be healed!    


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