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Israel the Chosen

November 15, 2018

  Israel the Chosen   The sun doth shine eternal on the peculiar of the great I Am a blessed and jealous possession of our Creator, Redeemer, and Friend   A possession so weak and hardened now the apple of [...]

God's Strength

July 27, 2017

God’s strength comes not in activities we do, Nor covenant sacrifices performed for you. God’s strength comes not from internal might, For the Bible says those things take flight. God’s strength comes [...]

The Wounds of Lady Julian

July 27, 2017

Crying for the wounds of Christ, Our Lady Julian did cast her plea. Across the expansive ocean blue, In Norwich, England this place was she. Three simple wounds is all that she begs, Her eyes on others with remarkable [...]

Oh Wretched Man That I Am

March 22, 2017

I am sinful, but willing to daily die and mortify my sinful ways. I am prideful, but willing to harness the desires of the abominable me. I am a learned man, but willing to fall prostrate before the wisdom of my maker. I [...]

Slave Now Soldier

December 31, 2016

A slave of Satan roams this worldly wilderness but lost. A Christian soldier meets him in the way, His message clear: "and whom do you say Jesus Christ is today?" And suddenly, within that other realm a battle [...]

Roaring Thunder

January 02, 2015

The following poem was written as an allegory to depict an unhealthy focus of the material things of this world. A Leader’s Perspective Poem Name: Roaring Thunder Purpose: This poem was written as an allegory to [...]

The Storm Clouds Yonder

January 01, 2015

A challenge to those who are not followers of Jesus Christ. We beg you to call upon the name of our Savior............... A Leader’s Perspective Poem Name: The Storm Clouds Yonder Purpose: This poem was written as [...]

What About God?

January 01, 2015

Have you recently had a time of reflection to survey your relationship with Christ? What-About-God---Poem [...]

Handfuls Of Purpose

January 01, 2015

God daily bestows upon us an endless number of gifts and blessings that are unimaginable. A Leader’s Perspective Poem Name: Handfuls of Purpose Purpose: This poem was written to reflect on the endless number of [...]

This Old House - A Sunday Drive

December 30, 2014

Have you ever been so consumed with the outward appearance of someone, that you missed an opportunity to glorify our Savior? This poem was written as an allegory to encourage believers not to be focused on the outward [...]

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