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Bible Doctrines for Today

December 27, 2014

A comprehensive review of Bible doctrines. This book is a wonderful resource when you do a deep dive into the Word of God. I have had the pleasure of reading this book a couple of times. I am always blessed and humbled [...]

Holy Bible

December 26, 2014

When putting together a list of recommended reading, I would be remiss if I failed to list the Word of God as the most important book of all. I encourage the leader-followers of this blog to read the Bible every single [...]

How To Pray

December 26, 2014

Next to the Bible, the book "How To Pray" is one of the most valuable books ever written. This book is a complete review of the power of prayer and the responsibility we have as Christians to seek His face. I [...]

The Book On Leadership

December 26, 2014

A study on the characteristics of leadership from a Bible perspective. Leadership is not about technique. It is about the fiber and character of human beings. Title: The Book On Leadership Author: John MacArthur Amazon [...]

The Winning Attitude

December 26, 2014

A 360 degree view at why attitude is so important in the development of leaders. A wonderful guide exploring both the positive and negative sides of our attitude. Title: The Winning Attitude Author: John C. Maxwell [...]

Developing the Leaders Around You

December 26, 2014

"Acquiring and keeping good people is a leader's most important task." -- John C. Maxwell Title: Developing the Leaders Around You Author: John C. Maxwell Amazon [...]

Becoming a Person of Influence

December 26, 2014

"Positive influencers add value to other people" Title: Becoming a Person of Influence Author: John C. Maxwell Amazon [...]


December 26, 2014

This book is masterfully written to challenge Christians about their respective worldviews and beliefs. This book will make you think. Do you really know what you believe and why? Title: (RE)THINKING WORLDVIEW Author: J. [...]

On Strategy

December 26, 2014

This is Havard Business Review's 10 must reads. It is a collection of timeless articles that give the reader broad insight and context into the world of strategic thinking. Every entrepreneur and corporate employee [...]


December 26, 2014

This is one of my favorite books for entrepreneurs and corporate employees. Each chapter is summarized with leadership principles and lessons learned. A must read for anyone that desires to be in a position of [...]