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Career Callings

August 08, 2016

This organization helps Christians find their "career calling" through a Bible-based lens. They are strictly interested in helping you find the work that God has called you to do! Please see the contact [...]

Bible Search

February 13, 2016

I hope this Bible resource helps you as you study through the Word of God! Bible-Search [...]

Be A Leader For God's Sake

January 01, 2015

This helpful link directs you to a book that can be downloaded in .pdf format that discusses the importance of being a leader. --By Dr. Bruce E. Winston Click Here [...]

Inspire: What Great Leaders Do

January 01, 2015

"Motivating and inspiring others is a part of leadership, but what is the difference between the two?" -- By Lance Secretan Click Here (audio) [...]

Emotional Intelligence

January 01, 2015

"Researched for more than a decade, emotional intelligence is now emerging as possibly a better predictor of success than IQ and has found application in business, education, medicine and the military." --By [...]

Spiritual Formation and Leadership Formation

January 01, 2015

"The New Testament speaks clearly that God's call upon our lives is to be transformed into the image of Christ." -- By Dr. Corne Bekker and Dr. Doris Gomez Click Here (audio) [...]

Leadership Lessons Learned

January 01, 2015

"Although there is no clear return on investment attributed to this specific methodology, the value of reviewing both successes and failures is critical, especially in the business of conflict and national [...]

Strategic Thinking for a Preferred Future

January 01, 2015

"Strategic thinking is a critical part of leadership that needs to occur on a regular basis."-- By Dr. Bruce E. Winston and Dr. A. Gregory Stone Click Here (audio) [...]

Leadership Lessons: My Personal Journey

January 01, 2015

"With more than 30 years of entrepreneurial experience, Mr. Michael Louis has a diverse professional background, which includes law, politics, corporate portfolio management and corporate business leadership." [...]

Leading Through and With Change

January 01, 2015

"Everything is changing. Whether it's through acquisitions and mergers, whether it's from the boss going to a seminar and receiving some new insight as to how things should be done or whether it's a [...]

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