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A Covenant

May 22, 2019

Will you rise and stand in the spiritual gaps of history and be willing to fight for righteousness in all areas of responsibility relating to public service? Will you endeavor to first ratify and then legitimize this [...]

God's Gift of Imagination

March 20, 2019

God's Gift of Imagination will help you "stir the stew" with the critical thinking needed to impact our culture! With a Christian leadership worldview, we are challenged to use both the left and right sides [...]

The Christian Leader's Worldview: A Framework for Successful Leadership and Living (by Michael J. LaPierre)

May 07, 2016

As Christian leaders, our challenge is to plan, think, act, and lead in ways that glorify our risen Savior and to protect the legitimacy of our Christian testimonies and legacies. The Christian Leader’s Worldview [...]

The Goldmine: Claiming the Workplace for Christ (by Michael J. LaPierre)

May 07, 2016

The Goldmine provides a comprehensive overview of our Christian responsibilities while providing timeless Bible principles that will help us navigate the workplace for the glory of God. Our workplace – a primary [...]