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The Goldmine: Claiming the Workplace for Christ (by Michael J. LaPierre)

May 07, 2016

The Goldmine provides a comprehensive overview of our Christian responsibilities while providing timeless Bible principles that will help us navigate the workplace for the glory of God. Our workplace – a primary [...]

Biblically Handling Technology and Social Media

April 01, 2016

I must admit that in the day and age of rapid advancement on the technology front, this is a personal favorite. "This booklet presents specific Scriptures to help guide Christians in their use of technology-based [...]


April 01, 2016

This daily devotional is powerful. Rare insight into the human soul that is right on target for 21st century living! "GREAT LEADERS ARE RARE. Those who pray fervently, worship fully, and walk in integrity-who see [...]

Marketing like Jesus

April 01, 2016

This is a must read for EVERY Christian leader! "Jesus has provided the greatest model for you to influence the world around you." Title: Marketing like Jesus Author: Darren Shearer [...]

America's Tipping Point

March 11, 2016

At no other time since the founding of the United States of America have we had the level of opportunity we do now to change the course of history. This particular period in the development of our great country will set [...]

Bible Search

February 13, 2016

I hope this Bible resource helps you as you study through the Word of God! Bible-Search [...]

The Whitewash Impact

January 23, 2016

While recently journeying through the book of Daniel in the Old Testament, I was struck by how comprehensive and rich this book is when it comes to understanding peoples’ motivation, ideology, and passion. [...]

Are You an Athlete?

December 12, 2015

What a privilege it is to be an athlete in the United States of America in the twenty-first century. Many of today’s athletes are accustomed to special treatment, notoriety, and financial remuneration that is [...]

Are You Self-Sufficient?

November 19, 2015

Do you remember the day when you graduated from high school or college with an incredible sense of freedom along with a desire and longing to be all on your own? There may have been an excitement in the air with the [...]

Christian Keep It Simple

November 01, 2015

As Christian leaders, we have the gift of God’s written and inspired Word to help cleanse, guide, teach, mold, and inspire us to unimagined spiritual insight and understanding. It is only through the power of His [...]

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