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USS Indianapolis Story

March 29, 2015

Pastor John Mark Turner relates Christian leadership principles through the USS Indianapolis story of 1945. When a sovereign God is in control miracles never stop! USS Indianapolis Story On July 30, 1945, the U.S. [...]

The Two-Sided Fence

March 29, 2015

It is amazing how we can reflect back on childhood experiences and gain insight into Christian leadership principles. There is even something that I will call barn yard theology! Praise God! This article was written by [...]

Moved With Compassion

March 29, 2015

When is the last time that you were moved with compassion? I am so thankful that Jesus Christ our Lord set the tone and gave us his example. Pray that the Holy Spirit would drive us to see the need. Moved With Compassion [...]

Christian Leadership Defined

January 20, 2015

This is a wonderfully written position paper on Christian leadership. Dr. Bruce E. Winston discusses the importance of loving God and loving other people as a starting point. Christian Leadership Defined. Bruce E. [...]

Personality Type

January 02, 2015

The link below is a useful tool to help determine your personality type and the corresponding propensities. The Lord has designed you with a specfic bent and purpose for His use. My personality type is an ENTP. Steve [...]

Roaring Thunder

January 02, 2015

The following poem was written as an allegory to depict an unhealthy focus of the material things of this world. A Leader’s Perspective Poem Name: Roaring Thunder Purpose: This poem was written as an allegory to [...]

The Quigley - A Marine's Story

January 02, 2015

The following anecdote was written by a United States Marine Officer and is overflowing with leadership principles and spiritual application. The Quigley The Quigley is an intimidating 50-yard course in the muddy swamp [...]

The Storm Clouds Yonder

January 01, 2015

A challenge to those who are not followers of Jesus Christ. We beg you to call upon the name of our Savior............... A Leader’s Perspective Poem Name: The Storm Clouds Yonder Purpose: This poem was written as [...]

What About God?

January 01, 2015

Have you recently had a time of reflection to survey your relationship with Christ? What-About-God---Poem [...]

Be A Leader For God's Sake

January 01, 2015

This helpful link directs you to a book that can be downloaded in .pdf format that discusses the importance of being a leader. --By Dr. Bruce E. Winston Click Here [...]

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