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June 12, 2015

If………Then These are two of the most powerful words in all of the English dictionary. We can clearly observe a conditional element to the relationship between each word in the title of this blog, [...]

Christian Leadership In The Workplace - Katherine Chu

June 03, 2015

The follow blog post was written by student Katherine Chu and is a wonderful perspective on how we should approach the workplace environment! Christian Leadership in the Workplace What comes to mind when the word [...]

A Solid Foundation - Rebekah Wright

June 03, 2015

Rebekah Wright shares some important Christian leadership insight and some kinds words for the CLWI ministry! A Solid Foundation – Rebekah Wright The foundation is the base upon which one builds. Christian [...]

A Living Sacrifice or Pop Culture Christianity?

May 28, 2015

A recent Pew Research Center report sheds some alarming insight into the religious landscape of the United States of America. A-Living-Sacrifice-or-Pop-Culture-Christianity [...]

Christian Leadership - Jonathan McLean

May 13, 2015

While I have not yet had extensive experience in positions of Christian leadership as a recent college graduate, I believe Christian leadership primarily involves discipleship and service. The two most widely recognized [...]

Optimum Performance

May 13, 2015

Having the pleasure of working in Corporate America for the last thirty plus years, I have been conditioned and trained to think about ways to get to the next level of performance. Much of this mind set can be attributed [...]

Failing To Annihilate

May 04, 2015

Throughout the Old Testament God gives clear direction of what He expected from Israel when they conquered new lands. Whether it was during the time- period Israel spent wandering in the wilderness for forty years under [...]

What Is Your Nineveh?

April 16, 2015

What Is Your Nineveh? The prodding, leading, and ultimate calling of the Holy Spirit can be a very challenging time in the life of a Christian. While as new creatures in Christ we should have a predisposition to [...]

5-Step Leadership Coaching Model

April 04, 2015

5-Step Leadership Coaching Model™ As Christian leaders, we are going to have the privilege to impact people’s lives over the course of our lifetime. Therefore, having a proper coaching framework will help [...]

Precursor For Leadership

March 29, 2015

Former United States Naval Officer Ryan Ludwick captures the essentials of foundational leadership principles. It starts and ends with a healthy reliance on God. Thank you Ryan for sharing your leadership thoughts! [...]

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