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The Approach

Christian Leadership Worldview International (CLWI) seeks to customize leadership training and development solutions through a variety of options and event formats. CLWI strives to impact, grow, and inspire leaders who are business professionals, students, athletes, and church leaders around the world.

• Motivational Speaking
• Keynote Addresses
• Seminars
• Workshops
• Personal Coaching
• Mentoring
• Retreats
• Banquets (Sport, other)
• Devotionals/Chapel

Our Topics

Christian Leadership Worldview International (CLWI) will provide a Bible-based foundational perspective on each of the leadership topics below.

• The Leadership Contract
• Relationship Building & Teamwork
• Workplace Integrity
• Impact of Social Media
• Revenue Leadership
• Organizational Health
• Results & Productivity
• Being An Olympic Champion
• Aggregate Exposure
• Design Thinking
• Custom Topics (By request)