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Oh Wretched Man That I Am

March 22, 2017

I am sinful, but willing to daily die and mortify my sinful ways.

I am prideful, but willing to harness the desires of the abominable me.

I am a learned man, but willing to fall prostrate before the wisdom of my maker.

I am ignorant, but willing to open my mind to the choruses of God’s Word.

I am Adam, but willing to passionately yearn for renewal and rebirth.

I am wrong, but willing to learn at the feet of my Master.

I am bitter, angry, and resentful, but willing to explore the depths of His great love and forgiveness.

I am melancholy, but willing to be lifted to heights unknown.

I am lustful, but willing to tame the urges of death.

I am a liar, but willing to choke back and drown the utterances of falsehood.

I am a wretched man, but willing to cry for the mercies of heaven.

I am a fool, but willing to seek the Christ of eternity.

I am duplicitous, but willing to yield to the narrow paths provided.

I am unloving, but willing to be changed.

I am weak, but willing to rest in that still small place of everlasting strength.

I am human, but willing to put on the righteousness of the Savior.

I am your adopted son and heir, but willing to forever demonstrate my ambassadorship, stewardship, and dominion responsibilities with humility.

I am a sinner, but willing through His sovereign power and grace to accept the free gift of salvation.

I am a Christian


Mike LaPierre March 25, 2017 @ 5:27PM
Well put! You need to write a book!

Linda Case March 22, 2017 @ 10:41PM
A beautiful reminder of no matter who we are, what we have experienced, or where we are in life, we can be changed if we are willing. God's grace will always be our shelter, God's love will always be our strength and God's gift of salvation is ours forever if we are willing to receive it!

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