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Israel the Chosen

November 15, 2018


Israel the Chosen


The sun doth shine eternal on

the peculiar of the great I Am

a blessed and jealous possession

of our Creator, Redeemer, and Friend


A possession so weak and hardened now

the apple of His eye are they still

unfortunate evidences of the enemies work

will they run to seek God’s will


Steeped in heretical legalism

their journey being derailed by lust

choosing to satisfy all fleshly desires

for turning to God they must


The lust of the eyes with pleasures fleeting

misguided as they may be

brought worldly goods and entanglements much

as far as God’s chosen could see


Looking, wanting, and grasping

for the comforts of this earth

is the best that man can conjure

a void and spiritual dearth


The pride filled life so now engrained

a troublesome foothold they sought

seeking tradition and formality

The works of man’s hands were bought


An unfortunate end to a heavenly plan

God had no choice but to act

leaving now a mere remnant only

because of His promise and pact


But what a responsibility we have

to love, adore, and to pray

for that sacred manifestation…His people

fresh desires, renewed beginnings, a new day


Will ye rise all ye nations

to embrace the chosen….one and all

will ye rise in the face of adversity

to answer the Psalms, our duty, and call


Hold nothing back press onward still

forsaking the world’s demands

preserving our heritage against all odds

an alliance eternal ….embracing their hand


This poem depicts the sacred manifestation and instrumentality of a people who God chose to glorify Himself and point to a Savior. However, Israel is a nation so steeped in their Secular Humanist tradition and devices that only the love of a Creator God can sustain and confine their eternal existence to a heavenly spiritual home.   


Psalm 122:6 – Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: they shall prosper that love thee. 


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