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Those Pesky Little Fellas

December 16, 2014

Lets explore the humorous and simple things in God's creation!

A Leader’s Perspective


Poem Name: Those Pesky Little Fellas

Purpose: This poem was written with a three-fold purpose in mind. First, the author simply wanted to thank the Lord for the beauty of His creation. It was a simple expression of admiration for the small intricate details that we find here on earth. To show how God in his infinite wisdom and sovereign power is able to design and choreograph the magnificence of the most micro-elements in nature. An ecosystem that only a Creator God is capable of perfecting! Second, it was written with just a touch of good ‘ole “Maine” humor. Any true “Mainer” has undoubtedly experienced the impact of the subject matter below. Well, read on and you will get the gist. Third, it is to demonstrate that having a Christian leadership worldview means to see the Lord in every aspect of life. We want to thank him when we laugh, while basking in His creation, or even when vacationing with family and friends. As Christian leaders, we desperately need a God consciousness throughout every minute of every day! Praise God!  


Those Pesky Little Fellas


We traveled to Maine, such a beautiful coast

Enjoying God’s creation, the beaches the most

York Beach was the spot in which we did stay

A tourist’s delight, with no work and all play


So relaxing and peaceful, a place such as this

Only days do we have, this town will be missed

Towels wrapped around, running down to the shore

Can’t waste a minute, busting through the camp’s door


Positioning our blankets, we bathed in the sun

Not a care in the world, such a blast, so much fun

But all of a sudden, a noise did we hear

A swarm of blackflies, so we ran just like deer


We came back around, a few minutes I’d say

Still plenty of time, we have most of the day

Back in our comfort as we lay on the beach

Writing some poems, a sermon to preach


But then once again, that strange buzzing sound

An itch, yes a scratch, those black flies are around

Some call them no-see-ems, so irritating are they

A swat and a slap to chase them away


Blood sucking little creatures, no use I can tell

For sure they’ll be in that place we call hell

Swarming and darting they bite their way through

Leaving bumps on my skin, big pockmarks there too


So we put on the lotion, burning incense we must

In the morning, at noon, all the way until dusk

On guard do we stand, a fervent spirit have we

Those pesky little fellas will soon die, you’ll see


The Lord our Creator has designed them for you

Oh know, it can’t be, it must not be true

Please do them no harm, their part of God’s plan

They clean up the beaches, the rocks and the sand


All refuge and things that have died long ago

Are removed by those flies, I’m afraid it is so

So you’re saying to me, my attitude should change

Toward blood sucking hoodlums, seems a bit strange


So I’ll give it a try, a cease-fire we’ll call

Marking our territories, an understanding is all

I have great misgivings, this peace will not last

Then again, if it doesn’t, I sure can run fast


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