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Roaring Thunder

January 02, 2015

The following poem was written as an allegory to depict an unhealthy focus of the material things of this world. 

A Leader’s Perspective


Poem Name: Roaring Thunder

Purpose: This poem was written as an allegory to depict an unhealthy focus of the material things of this world. A focus that exponentially takes us away from things above. It starts us out with the purity of a God created ocean blue with all of its beauty and splendor. A true appreciation for His creation. We watch the waves rise and fall as they pound the coastlines of our country again and again. A continuous onslaught of desire, power, and determination is evident with these crashing and magnificent waves. The poem then relates the narrative back to the human race and how we strive for the material things of this world. We strive for the “American Dream” not unlike the endless quest of the ocean waves crashing the coastline. Except our determination and zeal becomes an obsession with power, prestige, and fame. We negligently run the race of a lifetime only to find our spiritual center has drifted off into oblivion. Lastly, the poem challenges us to return to our Savior. Keep our eyes upon Him. Don’t let the material things of this world distract you from the important issues of life. Faith and family are the true riches of life.    

Roaring Thunder


You gathered together the waters

And saw that it was good

The glistening perfection of the deep

Divided with such peace and tranquility


Yet, those rambunctious little darling waves

So determined and full of boundless energy

Pressing forward again, and again, and again

To conquer, to strive, to win, let us run


Curling upward with a symphonic thrust

Frolicking, dancing, together they mount high

A focus and determination like no other

So much splendor, the infinite challenge to express


How far can we reach, they muse

How high will we crest, they consider

Will we crash with awesome power, they contemplate

Will we score the coastline of success, they wonder


An indelible mark, a legacy to provide

Bigger and better, yes, more to get

Our forefathers understand our plight

They paved our paths straight ahead


For posterity, the children, they exclaimed

The highest, the longest, the roaring thunder

Look at me with awesome power to possess

To travel further with a majestic view of self


A better curl, an inspiring mount

Another turn we must now take

Our little waves do recede, for us to run again

If we fall short, our pride says, no……..we must…..


But wait, the human race do we view

The American dream it is ours, they boast

The dwelling, the auto, and mammon, too

We strive with unwavering zeal


To live our lives in want of gathering

Happiness, just around the corner

One more thing to fulfill our heart’s desire

We connive, we plan to manipulate our ends


The future is ours to get, to be fully satisfied

One more mount, ambition near

The dreams and hopes of the material

But where is Christ Jesus in all of this?


Remember the Lord, He is your center

He is the splendor of your American dream

The prize, to score Christ’s nature on human-kind

Boasting of Him with the roaring thunder of His word


Such a place as this, your expansive ocean blue

The calming holy nature, let us take rest

Serenity and peace, to sooth the mind and soul

Your creation, may it teach us the many lessons of life 


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