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Precursor For Leadership

March 29, 2015

Former United States Naval Officer Ryan Ludwick captures the essentials of foundational leadership principles. It starts and ends with a healthy reliance on God. Thank you Ryan for sharing your leadership thoughts!

Precursor For Christian Leadership

The discussion of what constitutes effective leadership continues to pervade our bookstores and discussion groups in most firms and organizations across America. Almost everyone has an opinion and many have taken the task of delineating essential qualities or principles.  And while I don’t have the conclusion of this matter, I want to comment on where one must start. My purpose of this short essay is to propose that an effective biblical leader must begin in a position in which he is fully dependent on God for wisdom and empowerment and seeks to daily walk in the Spirit in continual communion with Him. This is where one must start and nothing is more important.

An effective leader is a person who submits himself to be led by the God who controls all life’s events. A Godly leader humbly submits himself daily to the guidance and direction of the Holy Spirit. He dies to his desires and lives in submission to the Lord.

An effective leader always put his relationship with God first. He recognizes that every source of wisdom, the power to make profit, the ability to influence men ultimately come from our Heavenly Father. If we are not in communion with Him, our source of power is nothing.

An effective leader spends time on his knees for all things. He listens to the Lord and brings every need before the Source that every answer comes. He attempts nothings before he brings it before the Lord.

An effective leader meditates on the word of God daily. It is only when we are saturated with the word of God that we can walk in the Spirit. The truth of God’s word ultimately has the answer for any dilemma faced in any organization. If we cannot use truth from the Bible to give direction, what direction are we giving?

An effective leader stays in connection with other obedient believers because he needs the accountability, encouragement and fellowship that come from the family of God.

An effective leader never strays from all that is written above. Satan will do everything he can to persuade us that we are competent enough, smart enough or wealthy enough to do things on our own strength. This is where we will fail. Perhaps the most important verse a leader can meditate on is John 15:5b “Apart from Me, you can do nothing”.


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