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Handfuls Of Purpose

January 01, 2015

God daily bestows upon us an endless number of gifts and blessings that are unimaginable.

A Leader’s Perspective

Poem Name: Handfuls of Purpose 

Purpose: This poem was written to reflect on the endless number of gifts and blessings that God bestows upon us daily. These blessed gifts range from the spiritual, physical, and the material. He has given us the free gift of salvation. He provides for our physical needs. He provides for our spiritual needs. He provides for our needs relating to food, shelter, and clothing. Oh, what a Father that we have in heaven who is intimately concerned with the needs of His children. Fortunately, those concerns do not end with the passing of time here on earth. He has prepared a home for us in heaven above. He has revealed himself in His word, through the spirit of God, and in His wonderful creation. As we hide in the shadow of His wings, we will come to exude the characteristics of a holy and righteous God. 


Handfuls Of Purpose


The veil of His temple miraculously rent

Our glorious Savior to us He was sent

That gift of salvation so rich and so free

A poor rescued sinner who looked just like me


Providing this manna on-high from above

Provisions expressing His wonderful love

Pure, living waters designed to sustain

Abundantly deep, a spiritual plane


The Spirit of God desiring to lead

His promises written, which I now believe

Absolute truth in Him do we find

Lovingly bestowed to all of mankind


Great mercy and grace which He freely gives

With the “fruit of the spirit” His will to live

His longsuffering nature in us to surround

“In the shadow of my wings”, it’s there you’ll be found


Shelter, much food, with raiment have we

Heaven’s home prepared, a place that we’ll be

Worries are gone, no doubts and no fear

Coming from heaven a voice that we hear


With absolute safety and sweet peaceful rest

Trust in the Savior, it is there we are blessed

“Handfuls of purpose” in Ruth do we read

The eloquence of expression, His wisdom is seen


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