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Christian Activism at Work

March 14, 2018
We are only beginning to scratch the surface of the evangelistic goldmine found in the workplace arena. Moving forward, Christians need to engage the enemy fully so we can first take and then hold the spiritual high ground in the workplace environment. As I think back over the 33 years I was in the corporate world, I am disappointed to report that I can count on two hands the number of times Christians identified themselves as believers either with their words or their actions. In other words, I couldn’t tell that they were Bible- believing Christians. For whatever reason, Christians in today’s workforce are satisfied with flying under the radar screen, getting along, not rocking the boat, and collecting a paycheck. Often, even the traditional noon-day prayer is put on the shelf for fear of appearing to be too much of an evangelical Christian!

In this article, we’ll explore what is happening, why it is happening, and what we can do (activism) to bring hope and change to the workplace domain.

What is happening?

Christians are being lured into accepting a redefinition of Christian morality and ethics. In many organizations across America, we are being bullied into accepting moral standards that are not our own. These organizations are propagating and enacting a moral code of ethics and standards that are not found in the Bible. They are trying to codify a belief system that wreaks with the stench of Hades. Christians everywhere are being bullied into accepting the doctrines of the Secular Humanist religion or to suffer the consequences. Those consequences may be subtle by hiding themselves behind the lack of upward mobility or by presenting themselves with outright hostility through censure, legal proceedings, and/or loss of employment. This organizational indoctrination hits on and encroaches a variety of sacred and valued Christian beliefs. A few of those valued Christian beliefs are described below.

  • Marriage is between a man and a woman.
  • Gender is determined at birth through existing DNA and natural (God-given) physical genetics. 
  • Absolute truth stems from and originates in God’s Word.
  • Truth is not relative or man-made. Truth is divine.
  • Man has an Adamic sin nature and was born inherently evil.
  • Man needs to repent and receive Christ as Savior for eternal life and redemption.
  • God is sovereign.

Why is it happening?

Many of our workplace institutions have become adept at drowning out our Christian voices with rules, regulations, and man-made laws that are anti-God. This type of workplace governance (control) is surely designed to limit both the depth and breadth of Christian influence and impact. Over time, they want to silence and eliminate all traces of Christianity in the workplace.

The enemy has cleverly designed a way to stifle our voices at work with a strategy that is a backdoor human resources approach. This approach is called “sensitivity training.” This form of Secular Humanist training comes in many different forms. The unbelieving world won’t necessarily take notice that the strategy is trying to undermine the foundational principles of ethical and moral behavior found in God’s Word. The world simply sees this “sensitivity training” and strategy as a way to be polite, respectful, and inclusive of everything and everyone. They simply don’t want to offend.

Most unsuspecting nonbelievers naively believe that they have no “skin in the game” for Christian ethical and moral standards found in Biblical instruction and that they don’t have to worry. On the other hand, we have suspecting Christians who know and understand exactly what is happening but feel so overwhelmed, threatened, and helpless that they don’t know what to do or how to respond. Day after day, Christians come to work experiencing the onslaught of religious persecution while cowering for workplace survival.

The third player we have in this realm of organizational life is Satan. He is the master strategist and enemy (along with his minions) who is manipulating the chess pieces for his ultimate gain and control.

What do I mean when I refer to the enemy’s strategy as a backdoor human resource approach? The enemy is wise enough to know that America still has a significant number of believers who would not stand for a direct and all-out frontal assault on our faith. At this point in American history, Christians would cry foul if there was direct persecution for being and identifying as a Christian while at work. In other words, we are not at a point where Christians are overtly and broadly being denied workplace equalities based on our faith. Yes, we do have many examples of this rearing its ugly head; I understand that. However, for the most part, these are still isolated instances. So, instead of employers saying, “We don’t hire Christians,” Satan has devised a way through the back door to assault us with three primary strategic maneuvers. 

Stifled Christian Voices

By suggesting and presenting an alternative view of the workplace (Secular Humanism) and by making those views (doctrines) off-limits to debate or modification, the enemy keeps control, drives the narrative, and codifies a belief system in organizational life not shared by Christians. The belief system then becomes part of the rules, regulations, processes, and ultimately the organizational culture. I think we could agree that changing a culture is hard work—if it can be changed at all. This alternative worldview has the effect of stifling our Christian voices and boldness to share the gospel message of Christ. It keeps us on the outside looking in.

Change through Conditioning

Time can be an enemy for Christians when considering our basic human weaknesses. Satan knows that, over time, many well-intentioned Christians in the workplace will become numb and conditioned to the ways of the world. Often, we get sucked into the world’s ways of thinking by rationalizing, justifying, and then defending small deviations from the absolute truth of God’s Word. Before you know it, a decade or two will have passed with our consciences still void of any particular sense of righteous indignation for moral and ethical issues that would have previously roiled our spiritual sensitivities. If you don’t think this statement is true, just think back to a few decades ago and consider what society thought about the primary social issues of our time (current day). Without firm action and a plan to take an offensive position at work, I believe that the continuum of time will be our enemy.

Corporate Guerilla Warfare

The enemy is using a guerilla-warfare approach to attacking our faith. He hits us hard, disappears into the landscape, and then regroups for another attack with uncanny stealth. The enemy is hoping to win a number of small battles that will eventually compound into a decisive victory. He wants us to stay focused on the small and incremental gains he can make without anyone noticing or caring. He would be happy to fly under the radar if that meant he could twist and denigrate the authority of God’s Word.

What can we do?

First, we must be active participants in workplace governance and culture building. We should never sit on the sidelines of organizational life and “catch” the enemy’s 100-mile-per-hour fastballs headed our way. Christians will either stand up, get involved, and cause change, or the enemy will.

Generally speaking, human beings want to be led by something or someone. They want to unite behind leaders who can articulate the hope of a brighter tomorrow. They want leaders and leadership principles that point to a future that is mighty and significant in nature. We all desire to be part of something unique and special. It is our Christian duty to make sure our coworkers are pointed in the right spiritual direction.

Second, we should always be concerned about the small encroachments on the Kingdom of God. We should never be satisfied or allow heretical advances by the enemy, regardless of the size. Speak out when you see inconsistencies relating to the truth of God’s Word.

Third, we must be diligent prayer warriors for every aspect of the workplace environment. Nothing should be off-limits for our prayer consideration. As identified in the introduction of this book, the workplace is of significant value to our Lord. He wants to hear the heartfelt cries from His children relating to workplace demands. Christ wants the marketplace to be a thriving Christian experience where we take charge and lead!

Sitting idly by at work should never be an option for Christians. That kind of inaction plays right into the enemy’s hands. We must defend our faith in our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, while at work. Christian activism will help to stem the tide and dampen the advances of the enemy. More positively stated, Christian activism will bring the needed light and salt to preserve and protect our Christian workplace freedoms.


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