About The Founder



michael_clwi.jpgMike LaPierre is a Brown University graduate with Bachelor of Arts degrees in both Organizational Behavior & Management and Political Science. He is a graduate of the Clemson University MBA program with a focus on Entrepreneurship & Innovation.

A former professional baseball player, his executive experiences include VP Sales, Director of Sales & Marketing, Director Global Sales Strategy, entrepreneur, church servant/deacon, and community leader over the past 30 plus years. His diverse executive background and nonprofit experiences have allowed him to gain a comprehensive understanding of the principles of leadership development. Those broad experiences include leadership positions with UPS, Arnold Industries, Lily Transportation, and Roadway Express. He is the founder and current President of Christian Leadership Worldview International (CLWI).

With nonprofit, for-profit, ministerial, and athletic experiences as a backdrop, he has the proven ability to capture the essence and fundamentals of leadership training and development. He then relates those varied experiences in a communication style that is motivational, powerful, and relevant to employees, students, and organizational leaders of today.

Mike and his wife, Calie, have been married for 34 years. They have 3 adult children, Ryan, Kyle, and Lauren. They also have been blessed with 4 grandchildren, Emma, Julia, Cooper, and Tanner.