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A Solid Foundation - Rebekah Wright

June 03, 2015

Rebekah Wright shares some important Christian leadership insight and some kinds words for the CLWI ministry!

                                       A Solid Foundation – Rebekah Wright
The foundation is the base upon which one builds. Christian leadership is the end result of building on a solid foundation. CLWI offers tools to build that foundation. They understand that a solid foundation is the beginning to being a great leader, but not just a leader, a Christian leader. Life is short, we must be a testimony all the time, everywhere, even the workplace. Just being "good" doesn't stand out enough. CLWI offers ways to standout and standup for our Lord and Savior. No matter who we are or what we do, God's given each of us a platform on which to raise His name. A leader doesn't mean someone who's at the top of the command chain. It's anyone that presents a reason well enough to be followed, listened to, and respected. 

I was excited to find out about what CLWI does. As a filmmaker I can't get on m gospel soap box. One, it's not allowed, and two, that approach rarely works. CLWI offers resources and seminars to equip believers in the workplace to represent Christ in all we do without breaking rules or offending those we're trying to reach. People may not agree with your faith, but they can't help but represent someone who holds to what they believe and is confident about it. That is a foundation that can be built
upon to be a leader.

In what shape is your platform?

Christians have been taking a stand for years, but the Christians most remembered were the ones with the greatest impact. To have an impact you must have a goal and a course of action. With the changing culture you need to adjust your strategy. The truth of the gospel doesn't need to change, just our implementing of its truth.

Mike LaPierre and his team here at CLWI have studied and researched to find the key strategy. It would be in the believer's best interest to go to a conference or buy the materials to learn from these godly leaders so that we can be godly leaders in our areas of life, but specifically the workplace. 

Check out CLWI to solidify your foundation and become a leader!

God's given each of us a platform to raise His name. Let's not waste it.




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