A Call To Action


The Logo

The prayer of Christian Leadership Worldview International (CLWI) and its partners is that the logo represents a bold, compassionate, willing, and activist participant, against a backdrop of global organizational need.

CLWI wants our logo to signify the desperate need around the world for Christian leadership training and development in small-to-medium sized organizations.

We believe that many organizations of today are being left out of this needed spiritual growth opportunity. They primarily focus on the financial, social, environmental, and technology concerns, while leaving out the spiritual development of their people.

The silhouette behind the podium depicts the “call to action” for Christian leaders to stand up and get involved. While leadership does not always mean being front and center in a crowd, it does mean teaching, training, challenging, and motivating people to new heights of spiritual development. From those who lead through prayers kneeling at their bedside, to those who are called to preach and teach the word in front of thousands, we must be willing to move beyond self for the benefit of others.